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Proudly South African

Why should one by locally? There are so many answers to this question. If you buy a locally produced product you participate in job creation, poverty alleviation, growth of local economy while also being environmentally friendly. The Proudly South African campaign is an initiative, based on these perceptions, which brands companies and products that are at least 50% locally produced. By doing so, the Proudly South African campaign helps socially and environmentally aware consumers finding products and services with these qualities. Original T- Bag Designs is a member of the Proudly South African group; being a company that produces locally, using local material and work force. Last week Jill, Ane and I went to a Proudly South African conference. It was very interesting to meet other enterprises that have the same values and hopes as Original T- Bag Designs. Naturally, active networking between such companies is essential so to exchange knowledge, experiences and help each other out, so meetings such as this one is obviously important. Together I think all such businesses can create a huge difference in South Africa.

By: Thea B. Foslie


Original T- Bag Designs at the Pasadena Church

After visiting Original T- Bag Designs in May, Nancy Olker came back home with a souvenir for her nephew Christopher. The day she gave it to him was the day of Christopher’s ordination in to the Pasadena Church of Brethen, so a cross was certainly a very suitable gift.

However, this is not the only way Nancy has spread the Original T-Bag Designs’ story. While traveling Slovakia she has spread the word of our company, so who knows, maybe we will start receiving tea bags from Slovakia in the nearby future?

Thank you for being so engaged and telling our story Nancy! And good luck to you Christopher.


By: Thea B. Foslie

Reaching the Mountain Top

This March, Luwanda Mxosana, previously a part of the t-bag team, reached the top of Kilimanjaro! Luwanda, from Khayelitsha, has always looked upon dreams as achievable, no matter whom you are or where you come from. An attitude he has certainly proved to be right: now he has reached one of his biggest dreams: climbing Kilimanjaro. Luwanda and his friend, Loyiso Koyana, who conquered the mountain with him, are currently working on raising funds to pay for school fees and uniforms for children from the townships. A project they call Dear to DREAM. The mountain climbing was the launch of this project. Here at Original T- Bag Designs, we are so happy to see Luwanda’s dreams coming true and that he is creating opportunities and dreams for others as well.



By: Thea B. Foslie

Goodbye Philipp

Today was Philipp’s last day at Original T-Bag Designs. Despite of countless efforts to persuade him to stay he has decided to move to Sweden to take his masters degree there. Oh well,they’re lucky they have got him! To celebrate his stay here at Original T-Bag Designs we had a great lunch in the backyard, the whole team together, eating fish&chips with ice cream- cheese cake for dessert! His work has been such a great contribution to the company and the whole team is sad to see him go. But we are all looking forward to see him again soon. You’re always welcome back Philipp! Enjoy Sweden!


By: Thea B. Foslie

Looking back: Michelle Obama in Cape Town

Obviously the news of Michelle Obama visiting Cape Town sent everybody spinning. Not only is she the first lady of the United States, but also a leading lady for the empowerment of underprivileged people. This is a theme most central at Original T- Bag Designs, so our hope of reaching Mrs. Obama was very high. Original T- Bag Designs was founded on the wish of empowerment and social value creation for the city’s disadvantaged people. Several women sustain their livelihood through this organization. The underlying hope at Original T- Bag Designs has always been to create opportunities and self worth for the people working here. So, inspired by the possible contact with Mrs. Obama, Ane and I put on a little project in the office; creating press packages and designing some special angels. We took some of the angels in the shop that was holding a South African flag, made small American flags as well, and made the angels hold one flag from both countries each. What a nice symbolic meaning these angels had. Angels made by the women from the townships in Cape Town, holding two flags; representing the hope of a relation between both nations and missions. Hopefully these angels reached Mrs. Obama and her family. Who knows? Maybe there are some South African angels, made of recycled tea bags, in the White House this very moment!


By: Thea B. Foslie

We’ve caught China’s attention!

There’s not a boring moment at Original T- Bag Designs!

This week we had a film crew from China visiting us. They are making documentary travelling series, and wanted to include Original T- Bag Designs as one of the top places to visit when being in Cape Town. It feels great to have been recognized as one of the best tourist destinations, and hopefully the show will inspire even more people to come visit us.  It’s really becoming an international feeling at work now: The day the film crew were here South Africa, England, Germany, Norway and China was represented!

The photo above is of Jill and TVB’s reporter Louisa So.


By: Thea B. Foslie

Chapman’s Peak

“You just made it!” These were the words that met us when we arrived at work today. In front of us all the girls and Philipp were up and running, ready to leave the office.  So, we turned on the spot, returned to the car and got to know that we were all heading to Chapman’s Peak for an excursion. For this distraction, production could stop for an hour. The weather was beautiful, the view was spectacular, Philipp had bought everyone croissants and we had Spanish rhythms in the car. In other words; we all had a great time. After stopping a couple of times, enjoying the sun, we actually found out that this was the first time the girls were there! This surprised us as they all live close by. We got to know that the reason they hadn’t been there before was not because they had not wanted to, but because they hadn’t had the chance to go. Few people from the townships can prioritize their time and money to go on excursions like this one. This was the reason why we were there. Knowing that this trip meant so much to our new friends, made the experience very powerful and it was nice to share it with them.


By: Thea B. Foslie