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Nicholas’ football training

August 19, 2008

Although I come from a football nation, I recognised that nearly most of the people here in South Africa know more about the German football than me. So, I’m supposed to learn now, and with Nicholas, staff member here by T-Bag Designs, I have the right person on my side to teach me.                               


Additional to his work here, he follows his real passion, being coach of Hout Bays rising football generation. This gave me the opportunity to watch him managing a group of nearly fifty boys running all behind the ball, crying, laughing and fighting. It was quite a difference compared to German football trainings. And Nicholas, wearing his son’s name Owami on his dress (he is father of a one-year old girl and a two year old boy), used to be a kind of calm centre between all this. Two sport volunteers have also been there to support Nicholas, and it was funny to watch the different ways to behave facing the challenge of such a gaggle of boys. Especially Brian, an English guy, really had got his hands full with this, so Christian, the German volunteer.


Nicholas invited me to come again and watch another training to get the whole picture. And see him coaching in his Liverpool dress… 😉




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