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September 22, 2008

Still working, Jill phoned me today to ask whether I want to join her and Nomsa on a little musical concert in Avu’s school. Avu is Nomsa’s son, and he is going to the Valley Primary School here in Hout Bay. When I arrived, Nomsa and Jill were already there, holding a nice free place not to far away from the stage. 😉  


The concert started with the teachers playing pupils and being really naughty… this was very funny and the kids loved it…


Then the performance began and every class sang several well known songs. From “Grease lightning” and “YMCA” to “Yellow submarine” and “All you need is love”, the audience enjoyed every single song, clapping hands and following the singing passionately. I was surprised that none of the little artists felt disturbed by the thousands of flashes coming from their parent’s cameras.



Avu’s class was singing “YMCA”, and in his cute policeman costume, he looked just really sweet. I was wondering whether the small group of him, the Indian, the cowboy and the construction worker dancing the famous “YMCA”-dance really knew what the song is about… 😉


It was a great evening; we all had a lot of fun.


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