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Green faces and freezing toes on the T-Bag trip

September 26, 2008





Jill’s announcement of becoming tourists for one day, to get the experience that all our visitors have during their holidays here in Cape Town, was the beginning of some fantastical speculations concerning the trip. Especially the boat trip to Seal Island caused a lot of discussions, most of the team members have never been on a boat and no one wanted to throw up in front of each other; – especially not the men…


But all went well on board, even though some preferred to hide their faces in their neighbour’s jacket. Others seemed to feel more heroic, from sitting on the railing (not allowed!) and protecting frightened children from shark attacks ;-), our men took care of all of us. Nevertheless, I could see a few green faces and I guess, not all of us were feeling sad when we made landfall. 😉


Later we sat in the really luxury Hylton Ross coach again, save and warm, and really proud to wave at people in the streets who were not as lucky or comfortable as we were. And on our way to Table Mountain we saw a lot of them…              



Arriving at Table Mountain the next ‘frightening’ experience was waiting for us: going up in the turning Cable Car! The view was as amazing as we expected it to be, although not everybody wanted to share it in the little cabin and focussed, really concentrated on the middle of it. 😉 At the top, some were even able to see the now very little blue shed at the Waterfront where we have our shop. The most surprising thing for most of us was the freezing cold weather conditions. It was snowing!  It was so cold, half of the group disappeared quickly in the Table Mountain Cafe to avoid becoming an ice block on the top of the mountain. During that time, the rest of the team was very busy taking pictures of each other in front of the scary abyss.



After all this excitement, our last stop at Kirstenbosch Gardens was the perfect balance. So after having a nice picnic in the coach, we soaked up the warm sunshine, the beautiful flowers and the peaceful mood of this quiet place. For the first time this day really the whole team could just relax.



To round off a wonderful day, we went back to Hout Bay in the open top bus and everybody enjoyed the wind in our ears and the landscape sweeping by.


Some funny hairstyles and a lot of smiling faces were the results of this amazing day and I’m sure, I wasn’t the only one who fell immediately asleep when going to bed this night.


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