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Blue Shed flooded!!

October 3, 2008

Last week we received a frantic call from Mavis who was working in our shop at the V&A Waterfront. It had rained the whole day and now the entire Blue Shed was flooded! Everything was soaked, the furniture, the linoleum on the floor, everything! Luckily Mavis saved the products in time, lifting them above the rising water-levels so they were not damaged.


The Waterfront closed for the rest of the day, and even the next day- to clean, we needed to replace the linoleum and reorganise the products.


It was just the incentive to do a real spring clean, to move out all the cupboards and shelves, and rearrange the whole shop. So the following week, Daysman, Russell, Donnah, Jill, Helen, Libby and I, arrived at the Waterfront outlet after work, rolled up our sleeves and rolled out new linoleum.  We had a wonderful evening together, working and laughing and after we finished we enjoyed the Waterfront’s fanfare whilst feasting on a late dinner …


So now our little shop at the Waterfront is shining again, it is packed with products and well prepared for the season! If you are interested in really beautiful artwork, some great gifts for your family overseas or in supporting a developing social upliftment company – come and visit us at the V&A Waterfront!


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