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Old maps to bags

July 26, 2010

We are always trying to find ways for our team to learn new skills and earn extra income.  When we were approached by Wendren Millford we were completely wowed by both her idea and her companies creations.  She had been offered a huge amount of A2 size maps that were going to be scrapped and was inspired to make carrier bags out of them!!  To make a carrier bag out of one of these maps takes a lot of precision and that is why she approached us knowing that we have a team of skilled people.  Wendren spent several early mornings, before work started, teaching the team how to make a carrier bag.  You can see in the picture below our team managed to produce the carriers.  It did indeed take a lot of precision but they look so good they are worth the effort.  

Map bags made by our team

Wendren is the owner of  Wren Design Company who make bags out of re-cycled materials.  Please take the time to look at her products on her website If you buy one of her bags you may be lucky enough to get one of these map carriers!!


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