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Ane and Thea arrives at T Bag Designs

June 13, 2011

The Norwegian internsThe interns are coming!
We are two girls from Norway who are in Cape Town to work with T Bag Designs for 3 months. It’s really exciting to be in Cape Town; a city filled with everything from spectacular nature sites to urban city life. We started our T Bag experience with a beautiful drive, passing wine yards and forests. Both were really excited to get together with Jill and the rest of the people at T Bag Designs. What an opportunity!
Naturally, our first day started with Jill offering us a cup of tea, creating a cozy atmosphere already from the beginning. It’s so nice to work in a place where the whole production and administration is gathered at the same place. In that way everyone can interact with each other, and you get to see what everyone is doing. The process from t bag to a finished product is really complex and involves so many people putting in their energy and creativity. Our creativity however, was bouncing of the walls as we sat down for a meeting with Jill, Phillip and Helen. As we got the overview of the business and discussed future plans and dreams, one thing became quite clear: we will not be lacking things to do! Several projects have now been started: which we will write more about the coming weeks.
While Jill where flying between customers and picking up paint, Phillip showed us around in the store, all three of us picking out our favorite items that we want to bring back home. After this we all stuffed our self together in the little office and started working on the blog, layouts and the online shop. Before we knew it the hours had passed and it was time to go home. But, we’ll be back tomorrow, possibly bringing some used tea bags our selves!


By: Thea B. Foslie


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