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A sunny day at T Bag Designs

June 15, 2011

When we arrived today the whole group was gathered in the back yard having lunch. Everybody was in a particularly good mood and the reason soon became clear: one of the producers, Elaine, had brought her baby boy Albert! He’s so adorable and was of course passed from hands to hands. No one wanted to miss out on some cuddling. Philipp impressed everyone with his paternal skills.

It was such a positive atmosphere at work today. People where working outside in the sun painting the tea bags and eating, really just having a good time. We also got to know the volunteers; Sharon, her sister Lee and Jill. They come to T Bag Designs once a week to help out. They participate and teach sowing to the girls working here.

As Ane was fiddling around with the blog’s layout, I took photos of each person while they were working with the products and learned about the different stages of the production. Later we continued buzzing around at the office, and Jill went out to get some donated fabrics from another company; Upholstery Works. She came back beaming and loaded with bags filled with different textiles.

Luckily for us it turned out that it had been Sharon’s birthday during the weekend, and such occasions are celebrated with cake here at T Bag Designs. Few things boost the moral like proper good chocolate cake!

By: Thea B. Foslie


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