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Chapman’s Peak

June 22, 2011

“You just made it!” These were the words that met us when we arrived at work today. In front of us all the girls and Philipp were up and running, ready to leave the office.  So, we turned on the spot, returned to the car and got to know that we were all heading to Chapman’s Peak for an excursion. For this distraction, production could stop for an hour. The weather was beautiful, the view was spectacular, Philipp had bought everyone croissants and we had Spanish rhythms in the car. In other words; we all had a great time. After stopping a couple of times, enjoying the sun, we actually found out that this was the first time the girls were there! This surprised us as they all live close by. We got to know that the reason they hadn’t been there before was not because they had not wanted to, but because they hadn’t had the chance to go. Few people from the townships can prioritize their time and money to go on excursions like this one. This was the reason why we were there. Knowing that this trip meant so much to our new friends, made the experience very powerful and it was nice to share it with them.


By: Thea B. Foslie



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