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Looking back: Michelle Obama in Cape Town

July 8, 2011

Obviously the news of Michelle Obama visiting Cape Town sent everybody spinning. Not only is she the first lady of the United States, but also a leading lady for the empowerment of underprivileged people. This is a theme most central at Original T- Bag Designs, so our hope of reaching Mrs. Obama was very high. Original T- Bag Designs was founded on the wish of empowerment and social value creation for the city’s disadvantaged people. Several women sustain their livelihood through this organization. The underlying hope at Original T- Bag Designs has always been to create opportunities and self worth for the people working here. So, inspired by the possible contact with Mrs. Obama, Ane and I put on a little project in the office; creating press packages and designing some special angels. We took some of the angels in the shop that was holding a South African flag, made small American flags as well, and made the angels hold one flag from both countries each. What a nice symbolic meaning these angels had. Angels made by the women from the townships in Cape Town, holding two flags; representing the hope of a relation between both nations and missions. Hopefully these angels reached Mrs. Obama and her family. Who knows? Maybe there are some South African angels, made of recycled tea bags, in the White House this very moment!


By: Thea B. Foslie


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